History of the Thursday Boys

Thursday Boys is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mentoring of children in the Fort Worth ISD to help them develop leadership skills and provide community service in our city.  Thursday Boys is a place to serve home, school and community with service projects and “hands on” involvement.

Thursday Boys was organized by Jim Redwine as a small after school play group for his children and their friends in the park. This school year, Jim and Thursday Boys are celebrating 20 years of commitment to children and the community.

Jim has been the face behind Thursday Boys for 20 years as its founder, and still runs every play group and program the organization offers.

What began merely as an after school play group, eventually evolved to much more. Today, there are roughly 500 children currently registered (and thousands of alumni). It is no longer just a focus on play, but on leadership, sportsmanship, friendship, responsibility and community service. This group completely over 200 community service projects last school year and is currently involved with multiple projects. Its ongoing projects benefit the homeless (shelters and camps), the food bank, the elderly and the sick. One of the group’s mottos is “ITSOO” (In the Service of Others). From leadership, security, set-up and clean-up, the group is primarily “kid” run.

Thursday Boys offers a multitude of other programs throughout the week. One of which is a program called KWD (Kids Without Dads). This program provides a positive outlet for male bonding in a small group setting, as well as on an individual basis.

For most of the organization’s existence, it was primarily funded by Jim Redwine. Now, with 3 children in college (and one in high school), he struggled with wanting to carry on his mission while meeting the needs of his family. Many parents were worried this would be the end of Thursday Boys. More and more, parents began donating resources for the continuation of this organization and recently became a 501 (c)(3).

After 20 years, Jim can still be found every Thursday in the park that is home to the Thursday Boys. There, you will see the flag flying, balls, children, and dedicated trees and flower beds to Thursday Boys children who are no longer here. And, with a smile on his face, his genuine response welcomes everyone with his humble saying, “if laughter is the medicine than kids are truly the cure.”

2 thoughts on “History of the Thursday Boys

  1. I saw a sticker on a car and had to google the group. What a great organization! I work for the Fort Worth ISD and although I have only been working with the district for a year I am deeply committed because of great people like you! I hope to be able to visit one of these days. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. I want to reach out to everyone to give my thoughts and prayers to John Urban that recently passed away this month. I want to say how great he was as a mentor and just a great person to work with and be around at Aegis Communications Group, Inc. where he retired. I remember when he came in to work talking about how he took his grand kids to the Rangers ball games and having such a great time with them along with his entire family.
    He will be well missed.
    God Please Bless the entire Urban family and relatives to give them strength to live on.

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