Provide the Stretch

At least three or four times a week I’m asked by members and nonmembers of KWD how I can possibly make and take the time to do it.  How so many can be included and prioritized like family.  The real question remains how can I not.  The privilege is truly no secret and the thousands of minuscule joys swell to the experience of a lifetime.

Mustard on the lip and nose of a child excited by the inclusion.  The celebration of a  “hole in whatever” and the ensuing dance of the victor.  A target untouched except a shot through the bull’s-eye.  The light off the water sparkling in the eye of a young kayaker inviting a skill.

The contagious laughter of each child fulfilling a small dream and vacant space in his or her life.  The domino effect of a single pen strike and the jump in the air of celebration.  The confidence of a stroke of the tennis and racquet balls building character.

A walk, breading a duck or reading an adventure in a book.  A chore completed and the ensuing pride from a job well done.  An animal or ghost game provoking thought and hilarity.

After work could be tiring if it wasn’t so invigorating.  It’s the kids who are amazing and teach me to love and celebrate.  It’s the reach that continues to “Provide the Stretch.”

Mr. Redwine

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